Ebon Dancer


Ebon Dancer is about 18 years of age.
Reborn Soul of Filial Wisdom


Ebon Dancer was a young nobody in Kirighast. She came from a poor family. They soon noticed that she would become a rare beauty. Her elder brother saved her from the fate of being sold to a local brothel to entertain the Dragon Blooded or the wealthy. She instead joined her brothers group of thieves where he taught her swordsmanship, stealing, and the ability to disguise herself. Her exaltation came during a heist went wrong. It was supposed to be the gangs big score, instead they all lost their lives to a team of soldiers tasked with clearing the crime in the city. In absolute rage , grief and shock Ebon dancer exalted. Both now fuel her desire to free her city from the tyranny it finds itself in. Her anima banner called a bride of Ahlat to her side who husseled her out of the waiting arms of the mobilizing forces of the dragon blooded.
Three days pass as she tries to wrap her head around her grief and trying to not give away her disguise. She does not yet know that she will meet her past.

Ebon Dancer

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