On Golden Wings

The final retreat

5 exp. Total 87
Done with the dungeon crawl part of the hidden manse. Found the loot of the manse.

Final retreat.

Exp 5, Total 82
The glorious annoying final retreat.

Automatons and mirrors
Invisible manse

Exp5 Total 77
The manse attacks and the gang is back together.

Following Treasure into the North
Invisible Fortress

Exp.5, Total 72
Rubylok, following the rumors of treasure to the north, finding a demon city and a bunch of first and Second circle demons. They will be led to the invisible Fortress the next day.

Rathesses, Skrell, and a manse

Exp 5 Total 67
Found a manse of Calpax. Returned to Rathesses and finished in Chiarascurro.

The Lap and Parahon

Exp 5 total 62
Investigation of the Lap. Met with the circus circle. Paragon. Too perfect?

In gem

Exp 5. Total 57
In Gem the group met the House Ardani and its solarGun Tanesah. They are know adopted members of the house that controls fire dust. From here the group has decided to continue on the caravan route heading for the lap.


10 exp total 52
Party and drugs. Lead the party to learning who they were in a previous age.
As well as a blade being handed to Tvarvivch for a due against Bronze Tiger.

Great Forks and A Rose

Exp. 10. Total 42
Went to great forks. Then went further to chiaroscuro. Where they ran into Graceful Rose. They met her father and aquired lots of things. As well as having seen Bronze Tiger and The Beast of a Thousand Terrible Deaths. With Calibration two days away and the group having promised a father to help clear the name of the invisible cat.

Extra one

Exp 2, Total 32


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