On Golden Wings

The Lap and Parahon

Exp 5 total 62
Investigation of the Lap. Met with the circus circle. Paragon. Too perfect?

In gem

Exp 5. Total 57
In Gem the group met the House Ardani and its solarGun Tanesah. They are know adopted members of the house that controls fire dust. From here the group has decided to continue on the caravan route heading for the lap.


10 exp total 52
Party and drugs. Lead the party to learning who they were in a previous age.
As well as a blade being handed to Tvarvivch for a due against Bronze Tiger.

Great Forks and A Rose

Exp. 10. Total 42
Went to great forks. Then went further to chiaroscuro. Where they ran into Graceful Rose. They met her father and aquired lots of things. As well as having seen Bronze Tiger and The Beast of a Thousand Terrible Deaths. With Calibration two days away and the group having promised a father to help clear the name of the invisible cat.

Extra one

Exp 2, Total 32

The Wyld Hunt at Kirighast

5 Total 30
The group ran into the Wyld hunt in Kirighast at the Temple to Ahlat.

The performer of Nexus

Exp. 5 Total 25
Cleared out Rathesses and awakened 10 sleeping Dragon Kings. They will get back to the group as soon as they are ready to jump the fae filled sky tower.
They returned to Nexus and bought some Bulls to head towards Kirighast.

Filial Wisdom and Ani

5 exp. 20 total

The group assaulted Rathess and defeated Filial Wisdom and Anillassa. The taming of Rathesses has just begun.

Rathesses the first city

5 exp. total 15
The party sees the broken city of Rathess and lands the ship on the eastern sky tower. The talk to the goddesses Raza and shinning flower. They decided to talk to the sword and dagger of heaven in Rathesses.

So it begins

Exp 10
Everyone has met up. The bobs have asked the group to get rid of some memnon ships heading east. They threw a dart at a map to figure out their direction and are headed to the lost city of Rathess.


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