Tag: Terminology


  • On anathema

    Any Exalted other than the dragon blooded are seen as anathema by the rest of Creation. Not all of Creation believes this, but most of it does. It is ingrained not only by the Immaculate Faith, but by stories told to children around fires to scare …

  • Wild Hunt

    The wild hunt is a collection of dragon blooded as well as their armies that hunt down anathema. They are collectively feared for their relentless pursuit as well as their almost uncanny timing.

  • The Guild

    The Guild is a conglomeration of merchants in the Threshold. Membership is bought and as soon as you're a member you gain all the benefits of being a merchant supported by the Guild. The Guild practically controls trade throughout the Threshold. Though …

  • The Wyld

    The Wyld is a crazy place. One doesn't enter the Wyld without exspecting to be changed by it. There is the boardermarch, which is the least likely to alter you in any way. The middle March, where the start of the Wyld can be seen and the distant …